Building community relationships through innovation and philanthropy.

Mission Statement

The Barrett Family Foundation Trust, founded by Dr. John P Barrett, Jr, MD and his wife Erika Barrett in 2010, was established to support charitable purposes, mainly within the Tampa Bay area. Creative and impactful giving in the areas of education, veteran’s advocacy, mental health, homelessness, among other programs, will be considered. It is the express wish of Dr. and Mrs. Barrett that successive generations of Barrett Family members are involved in the administration of the Barrett Family Foundation Trust, in order to develop the philanthropic spirit they so embodied in their family and in their community.



Mental Health

Our Education Initiatives

The Barrett Family Foundation Trust developed creative initiatives to reward excellence in secondary school STEM education, including distributing over 100 $10,000 prizes directly to outstanding STEM teachers in the Tampa Bay area. While there were no restrictions on how the funds were to be used, we found that many of the teachers used their awards to provide even more creative STEM programming in their classrooms.

Our Veteran Initiatives

Having multiple generations in our family who have served in the armed forces. We understand and value what our Veterans have sacrificed and continue to do so in order to make our nation as great as it has become.

We have began offering educational assistance to veterans who are looking to transition to civilian life.


Adolescent Struggling with Mental Health

Our Mental Health and Homelessness Initiatives

The Barrett Family feels deep empathy for those in our community who struggle with mental illness. Furthermore, the intersection of mental illness and homelessness is Mrs. Erika Barrett’s primary focus. We seek opportunities to expand our initiatives in the coming 12 months to support individuals dealing with mental illness and homelessness.

We are partnered with several local agencies who provide broad programming in the Tampa Bay area to address these issues, including The Spring of Tampa Bay and Metropolitan Ministries.